Harry has followed his passion for sport and fitness and travelled the world in pursuit of this. Harry has played golf to an elite level, and trained overseas with top international coaches perfecting his techniques and improving his game.
Harry had the experience of working with a personal trainer at an early age and found it life changing both physically and mentally. This experience gave him the appreciation of a healthy lifestyle and initiated the journey to becoming a personal trainer. 
Personal insight informs an empathetic approach with clients. Harry has a genuine interest in helping people to define and achieve their goals and believes that trust, understanding and rapport are crucial in this. 
Using his skills and experience Harry has successfully and continues to train and motivate a number of clients to continue along their journey into fitness and wellbeing.
Harry is a qualified REPs and ACSM Trainer, and continues his professional development through a number of specialist courses.  He  has a unique style of training, combining mobility and bodyweight training to change the way you look and feel.

To Train with Harry please email [email protected]