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Coach Harry Fowler

Strength & Conditioning • Weightloss • Bespoke Programming


About Harry:

My focus and motivation as a personal trainer has been to empower every client I have coached.

I believe having an integral understanding of the human body is a vital part of what makes a good personal trainer. My passion for sport and fitness led me to study anatomy and physiology and I continue to attend courses on a regular basis to deepen my knowledge and expertise.

Building a positive working relationship with clients means that I can really understand what matters to you, your lifestyle and what you hope to achieve from working with me on your fitness.

My aim is to change your relationship with fitness for the better, support your journey to achieve visible results and challenge your previous limits.


Harry's Little Quirk:

I have to put my left sock and shoe on before my right.


Harry's Favourite Exercises:

Any conditioning that causes serious discomfort.


Testimonials from Harry's Clients: 

"Harry has been fantastic in helping me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals. His knowledge is unreal but manages to keep things simple so I can understand everything well."

"I have tried a number of PT’s in the past but none have managed to ‘tick all the boxes’. I’d recommend Harry to anyone looking to achieve any health/fitness goal whether it be weight loss, mobility, strength, conditioning or even just to get motivated!"

"Thanks Harry, you’ve finally put me on track!”


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