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My interest in fitness began at 13. I was quite an overweight lad (not much has changed) but I began interested in lifting weights to better myself for rugby and as the weights started to increase, my body fat levels began to decrease. I continued lifting weights and doing various fitness work until I was rewarded with England rugby honours for the first time at 15 years old. I then studied at Bryanston school in Dorset after being offered a full scholarship where I studied business, economics, sport studied and English, whilst combining this with academy commitments at Northampton Saints. After finishing school I signed my first professional contract for Plymouth Albion. Whilst playing for plymouth and training full time I realised I wanted to learn more about the fitness industry as it had become such a huge part of my life already so I signed up for a level 3 personal training course. Upon completion I started working as a personal trainer which I combined with playing for bristol rugby. I now have 6 years experience in the industry and I believe that my background in professional sport has really helped me develop my knowledge and more importantly application of what I have learned. My proudest moment as a personal trainer was when a 52 year old client of mine who has cerebral palsy, won her first ever bodybuilding competition class and then went on to win the world championships in her federation, having had zero bodybuilding experience prior to setting herself the goal.

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