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About Shaun:

Since becoming a personal trainer 2006 I have spent many years gaining knowledge in the industry in order to pass this on to my clients. I devise personalised and varied training programs, that work for each individual thus obtaining the right results for them.

The knowledge I've gained over the years has meant that I can help clients reach their goals and help them achieve the bodies they have always dreamed of.

Whilst doing the job I love and training my clients it fell in perfect with my all-time passion for Karate which I had been practicing since I was 5 years old.  I fought and competed in this sport at a high level achieving my 4th black belt as well as having the privilege to represent England in the European Championships. I also won multiple Commonwealth, British and English titles.

A few years ago the day came for me to retire from karate, therefore, thought it best to change my whole training style for myself as I no longer needed to achieve the goals I had in the past, I no longer needed to stay under my weight category and train to be fast and push my body to extremely high levels. I now found myself wanting to bulk in size, something I had always wanted to do but couldn't because of the commitment to my Karate.  Not only did I put on size and muscle growth but it changed my whole body shape. You would not recognise me now to the lad I used to be like back in my competition days. 


Shaun's Little Quirk:

I fought and competed in karate at a high level achieving my 4th black belt as well as representing England in the European Championships! Not to mention... I've had a video go viral on LadBible with 3 million views of me trying to do flips on a pole and face-planting on a tube in Berlin. ????


Shaun's Favourite Exercises:

▪️ Bench press

▪️ Pull ups

▪️ Reverse BOR 


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